Prerona Chatterjee

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TIFR has a Science Popularization and Public Outreach program that organizes many events. I am a member of this committee for the year 2020-21.

  • Chai and Why? On the 1st, 3rd and 5th (if present) Sunday of every month, someone from the TIFR family gives a talk at Prithvi Theatre, Ruparel College and Alexandra Girls School in Mumbai, respectively. The aim is to engage with the public in an informal science interaction. The talks begin at 11 am and entry is completely free.
  • Frontiers of Science: On the last Sunday of November, TIFR comes alive with the energy and enthusiasm of over 1500 school students from in and around Mumbai. Students from each school are taken to the labs where students from TIFR demonstrate the kind of research that they carry out. The school students also attend some talks and exiting science demos in the auditorium to get a feel of the FUNdamental research that goes on in the TIFR campus.
  • National Science Day: On the last Sunday of February, TIFR celebrates the National Science Day of India (which is on 28th of February). On this day, TIFR invites school kids to come and visit labs, watch demos and attend talks. Basically a mini-FoS for those who missed out on the opportunity.


During Frontiers of Science and National Science Day, our department forms an integral part of the proceedings. The aim of the STCS Outreach team (a.k.a. the Infostaan team), is to attract the audience towards theoretical computer science and information theory, through puzzles that can be demonstrated. The team also presented these puzzle demonstrations in the Summer Special Chai and Why? on 2nd June, 2019.


I am one of the student-members (representing maths and cs) of the Science Popularisation and Outreach Committee of TIFR for the year 2020-21. In the 2018 edition of the Frontiers of Science (which was held on the 25th of November), I gave a talk aimed at 9th and 10th standard kids, titled Can computers do everything?. I also gave an extended version of this talk as part of the Chai and Why? series on 20th January, 2019.


To know more about the kind of activities carried out, please visit the TIFR Outreach Webpage and the Chai and Why? facebook page.

Some of the videos are also available on youtube.